A unique and accredited preschool

O.K. Corral Child
Care Center

At the O.K. Corral Child Care Center we provide opportunities for your children to develop their whole personalities through first hand experiences in social relationships, physical development of large and small muscles, acceptable outlets for emotions, and stimulating experiences which encourage the children to think and analyze problems to help them arrive at a solution. Thus, the children develop a good self-image while becoming aware of others.


Children play, experience and express themselves in a warm, caring and friendly environment. This environment is safe and nurturing, it promotes physical, social, and cognitive development.

We encourage the children to express themselves through materials, movement and language by providing ample time and adequate freedom. O.K. Corral provides a good positive balance between academic stimulation and allowing the children to make their own choices.

Our program, with trained, state accredited and pediatric CPR certified staff works on developing and meeting the individual needs of your child at his/her various age levels.

We are a twenty-six student school, we have a very low child to teacher ratio. Depending on the age of the class, ratio may vary. On the average, our ratio is 1:8. It will never go over 1:12.

O.K. Corral Child Care Center, Inc. is a year round pre-school program. Our operating hours are from 6:30 a.m. to 5:55 p.m., Monday through Thursday, Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:55 p.m. 

Children learn through age appropriate, developmental, hands-on interaction, and direct involvement with their peers.

We provide a creative, loving, planned educational outlet for your children. Our program invites you to see us in action during any of our open hours.

We encourage parent participation at any time! We have an open door and open communication policy. If you are a perspective parent please give us a call to make an appointment for a tour of our facility.

About our Preschool


Play Yard

One of our two play yards where the children interact and are engaged in using their large motor skills, pretend play, social skills and science activities.


Story Room

Children enjoy literacy activities, letter recognition, pre-reading skills, phonic sounds and small motor skills in this room.


Activity Room

Students are creative engaging in arts and crafts, science, math skills and small motor skills in this area.



Students enjoy music and dance activities, pre-writing skills, dramatic play and cooking activities here.

Allison C.

O.K. Corral has truly been a special place for our family. Not only have both of our children attended, but so have all their cousins! It has been a home away from home with attentive and caring teachers. The small student /teacher ratio allows the children to grow and learn and has been an ideal place to prepare them for kindergarten. If we had to do it all over again, we would most definitely sign our kids up at O.K. Corral!"

Leslie C.

"In my search for a preschool, I was mainly concerned with my son having the opportunity to socialize with his peers in an intimate environment where he wouldn't get lost in the shuffle. Ok Corral has been all that and more. The staff is caring and friendly; they really take the time to get to know your child. Though I did not specifically want a highly academic program, I have been very happy with the knowledge my son has attained in the process of his daily play. Most important, he really likes the school."


"O.K. Corral inspires me because it feels like a "Home away from Home". When your child attends there it is as if they are heading over to Uncle Bill & Aunt Juli's! I was fortunately sought out to become the very first employee to such a dear family establishment. When I heard that the couple wanted to "Give back to their community" by opening up this quaint child development center; I was enthusiastic and eager to start. My four years there I will always cherish in my memory bank and to this day find the owners to be not only our small families best of friends but all around good people. When I have the opportunity to visit, I find many fond memories and the feeling of nostalgia. The smell and warm clean carpet underneath my toes makes me feel safe and loved. The easiness of the continued hands-on approach when sharing "teachable moments" make it a constant learning, growing, and positive experience. Which then truly is an investment in anyone's live; child or adult. When you grow old and have the opportunity to reminisce over your early child development let it be somewhere like, if not there at the O.K. Corral. For those of you who are strictly looking for an academic academy let it be known that our son attended the O.K. Corral. He is now a gifted student who plays the piano & guitar. You will always hear the sounds of music coming from the windows of this childcare - Safe Haven."

Tiffany S

"Having had 2 children go to OK Corral, I can say it is one of the warmest and family oriented preschools. The staff was very friendly and treated everyone like family. The children were always doing something amazing when it came to great projects and all the newest ideas. It is so much easier sending your little one off to school knowing that they are always looking forward to going. Both my children loved it!!"

Ron & Alison M

"I have been a parent at OK Corral for 5 years. My daughter finished up last year and my son will be there for 1 more year. The teachers at OK Corral make it an exceptionally nurturing and comforting environment for learning. My children have learned to love school. The consistency and reinforcement that the students receive, builds their confidence and independence. I have never experienced any situation that concerned me or that I wished would have been handled another way. It is a great place!”


Monday-Thursday: 6:30AM-5:55PM
Friday: 7:30AM - 5:55PM


739 Longfellow Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254



(310) 376-7088

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